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Ordering a Custom Cake?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Custom Cakes

Top Tips

Custom Special Occasion Cakes

from Lily Blossom Cake Creations

Order or reserve your cake in plenty of time All of our cakes are made to a high specification and each individual cake takes time to plan, bake, decorate, especially Custom Cakes made for the individual.

Our minimum ordering time is 5 days, and even longer for certain speciality cakes. If you call us on the day or the day before your special occasion, we would be disappointed to tell you that we are unable to accept your order.

We take limited bookings each week to ensure the quality of every finished cake, therefore, when our time-slots are fully booked, we are physically unable to fit any more orders in, even if we wanted to.

To secure your Custom Cake Order in advance of your required date, you can pay in full or we accept a 50% deposit with the balance being due 2 weeks before delivery.

Order your Custom Cake at least 1 month in advance to avoid disappointment.

Never compare our Custom Cake prices with the supermarket prices

If you have bought cakes from a large supermarket store you should never compare our prices to theirs. Their tray bakes and cakes are mass produced by bakers who must also bake bread, muffins, cookies, and other foods for the store. These bakers will not be able to focus on your cake with the skill & love the way Lily Blossom Cake Creations can. I personally hand deliver every cake I create to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

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Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting my small business

Julie x

Lily Blossom Cake Creations

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