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How to stop a buttercream cake from melting

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Are you worried about your buttercream cake melting? This is a question that many people keep asking, how do I keep my #buttercream #cakes cool right up to delivery?

Although we love the sunshine here in the UK, the extreme hot weather that we have been experiencing lately is a cake artist’s worst nightmare. As I’m sure you know, when you are creating a buttercream finished cake, you don’t have the extra protection of a layer of fondant to safeguard and protect the cake underneath and keep everything in place.

Cakes covered with buttercream in cool conditions, can be kept for several days at room temperature but warm humid weather will create a melted mess. Simple #buttercream will form a crust because of its high sugar content, but it will remain lovely and soft on the inside.

I have put together some of our tips for #meltingbuttercreamcakes that are tried and tested here at Lily Blossom Cake Creations

· Cake Decorating Environment

The area where you are going to decorate your cake needs to be kept cool as much as possible. Our cake decorating room is fully air conditioned and is well worth the investment! You can invest in a small air conditioning unit, but if you are unable to budget for this, you may prefer to use a cooling fan in the room or blackout blinds to reflect the sunlight away from the windows in the room you are working in.

· Ingredients

We make sure our cake sponges and cake toppings are all refrigerated overnight to ensure they are chilled and ready to use the next day. Cover and wrap your cake sponge in cling film to keep it protected.

Buttercream, fill and layer your cake sponges, remembering to chill in the fridge after you have applied your crumb coat and your final finished buttercream coat.

Add your chilled delicious toppings to your buttercream cake creation and store when finished in the appropriate sized cake box.

· Storage

When your cake is complete store it in a cake box in your fridge until ready for collection or delivery. Normally a single tier cake will take 1-2 hours to bring to room temperature.

We have found that a buttercream cake can sit perfectly well in a cool room out of direct sunlight, or stored in an air-conditioned cool room, it all depends on your own working environment. If you sit a block of butter on your worktop and after a few hours it is melting and watery, then it is far too warm for your cake!

· Celebration Venue

To avoid a potential disaster and a #melting #cake, we always inform our customers that our buttercream cake creations are indoor cakes only, they are not to be set up and displayed outside - ever! They should always be set up inside the celebration venue in a cool area out of direct sunlight – definitely not in a sunny conservatory!

After all the hours and hard work creating your buttercream cake creation, a short discussion with your customer would certainly avoid a potential disaster!

This advice works very well for us to provide the best buttercream cakes for our customers, when the weather conditions outside are extremely hot and humid and I hope that you will benefit from the tips above.

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Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting my small business

Julie x

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