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My first steps…. "blogging is a must for everyone”

I’ve heard so many comments about 'blogging' since I started my cake decorating business nearly 2 years ago.

A guide to blogging

It has been on my to do list for quite a while now and I really had no real idea what was involved, how to get started, how much time I need to spend blogging and run my business at the same time, my list of questions could go on and on.

I’m Julie by the way, owner and creator of Lily Blossom Cake Creations and I'm passionate about cake decorating & art. I love cake decorating, drawing, art and photography and I am passionate about combining them all!

This is my perception of what blogging is all about and one of the reasons why I decided to take ‘My first steps...

Creating your first blog

I’m looking forward to sharing with you my experience of running my own business and the challenges that I have faced and you may come across. It will also be a great platform to introduce new cake designs and flavours, showcase my work and open up discussions that concern my business and the amazing world of cake decorating.

It takes dedication, hard work and determination to turn your passion into a professional business and it would be fantastic if I could help one person on their journey by sharing my stories, expertise & advice.

That is the main reason why I decided to take My first steps…. and start my blog!

Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your comments regarding your first blog.

Creating your first blog
Taking my first steps... creating my first blog!

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